Oceana抗議智利制訂漁業配額不公智利攸關漁業團體及生計漁民使用重要漁業資源的漁業法令頒佈後,引發非政府組織Oceana抗議國家漁業委員會(CNP)分住商房屋配福氣魚及鯷魚配額(123,000公噸)遠高於漁業推廣研究所(IFOP)建議量(42,000公噸)的123%。Oceana認為,唯有撇開私人利益設定作業配額,才能避關鍵字廣告免現行牽涉龐大利益的分配配額機制讓漁業資源走向開發過度的命運。 (摘譯於INFOFISH Trade News, No. 18/2011,3 October 2011)Following the 襯衫strong debate regarding the new fishery legislation among industrial and artisanal fishermen regarding access to the main fishing 票貼resources, a non-governmental organization, Oceana rejected the quotas allocated for hoki and anchovy by the National Council for 租房子Fisheries (CNP), saying that the quotas are far above the recommendations made by another national agency, the Fisheries Promotional 新成屋Institute (IFOP). The total quota this year for hoki has been set at 123,000 MT by the CNP, which exceeds the quota recommended by the 情趣用品IFOP (42,000 MT) by 123%.According to Oceana members, there is a huge conflict of interests in the current system for allocating 酒肉朋友quotas, which may lead to over-exploitation, and thus think that the participation of private interests in the process of setting 當鋪fishing quotas should not be allowed.

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